Sky Sports News Graphics

I've been a big fan of what Sky Sports in the UK has been doing graphically. They're not afraid to put smaller type on the screen while keeping it legible. You can see the whole package at Behance … [Read more]

Global BC Road to Rio

A series of features on the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. These ran throughout the tournament on Global BC and BC1. I served as the technical producer of the series from crafting the original proposal to completion. … [Read more]

Graphics from Sportsnet LA

Every once in a while I take some screen grabs of cool graphics I see. This week with the start of the MLB season, Sportsnet LA, the cable home of the LA Dodgers opened for business. I really like their lineup graphics. … [Read more]

The new

Welcome to the all new Jon It's been gone for a while, but with a little time over the Christmas holidays I thought it was high time to bring the site back. I used to maintain a blog of strange and funny things at this URL. … [Read more]